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The Most Beautiful Ride on the Ocean

28' Center Console
34' Express
38' Express

28' Center Console

Backed by 36 years of Carolina boat building tradition, we are proud to present the Buddy Davis 28' Center Console. Speed, agility, and comfort on the sound or the trip. We put passion to the test, now it's time to define your ride.

The Buddy Davis 28' Center Console model is a fishing machine with a 24.5° resin vacuum infused fiberglass offshore hull. Then again, she's a family boat with exceptional features and plenty of comfort. Working with the Buddy Davis team of craftsmen, you can add enough custom options to make the Buddy Davis 28' Center Console a design all your own.

Blue water battles or family adventures, the Buddy Davis 28' Center Console is designed and built to deliver outstanding performance and unparalleled comfort.


Notice: Buddy Davis Edition reserves the right to make changes in design, equipment, layout of construction, materials, prices, speed, performance and specifications without notification or obligation to incorporate such changes in previous products. Capacities of tanks are estimated and useable volume will vary depending upon conditions.



  • L.O.A. With Bracket - 28' 0"

  • Beam - 9'6"

  • Beam @ Stern - 8'6"

  • Draft (Motors Up) - 20"

  • Draft (Motors Down) - 32"

  • Deadrise Aft - 24.5 Degree

  • Fuel Capacity - 200 gal

  • Water Capacity - 32 Gallons

  • Maximum HP Rating - 500

  • Weight ( Est.) w/ Engines - 7,400Lbs.

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